About us

MAFIL was founded in 1968 for the manufacuting of classic yarns for needlework and sewing threads. Succes was immediate and the following years witnessed considerable growth for the firm that added production of patterned yarns.
Today MAFIL offers one of the widest ranges of “Made in Italy” needlework threads using precious fibers (like alpaca, mohair, cashmere, and camel air), high-quality merino wool and acrylic fibers in its production chain.

Worthy of note for their brilliant finish are the cotton fibers obtained from selected Egyptian Mako cotton, ideal for garnements as well as for the creation of laces, doilies, bedspreads, and table cloths.
Patterned yarns and color schemes are constantly being updated to the latest fashion trends. A team of qualified technicians guarantees the quality of the finished product.
The sales organization relies on a warehouse of more than 3,000 m2 where yarns are stored. Thanks to this important stock-on-hand service, not only MAFIL is capable of fulfilling orders within 5-6 days, but also partner-retailers can access orders for even minimal quantities and avoid storage costs.